Simple and unique design is my passion

I am a honest guy who believes in hard work and long lasting relationships. I enjoy making companies look better with unique design and I am ready to go to the extreme to provide a service that all would like to experience themselves.

important to note

Soon I will have a list of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and some guidance to help you find out more about working with me. Some of those questions are less important, but all of them are relevant so please read out full terms. If you'd like to know more, you can find out how I handle your data via my privacy policy.




I am Tonći Morić and my nickname is Bingo. According to my initials, I have named my website and design studio TM Bingo. During your project we will form a great relationship – chatting about your ideas and working through your designs will help you to learn quickly and that is something that will make me happy.



The price of each project depends on time it'll take to make it, but also on how much fun will be working on it. There is no price list, everything I produce here is bespoke and tailored to your requirement. So if you have something fun to work on and a few guides to keep me in business, do not hesitate to send me a message.



I am a creative guy who is making the outstanding job. Expect a project that includes branding and a website to last around eleven weeks – I am not saying it can't last less or more, I just prefer not to make a promise about it because I hate to be rushed. I also work following modern trends.



It hurts me to even write this, but we have to be clear. I don't produce 'a stab in the dark' concepts in order to win business, it's simply not the right way to start a working relationship. I believe in a collaborative partnership where I listen, research, and work with you in order to create a perfect solution according to your needs.

EST. 2009


In the last few years, I made some pretty cool brands. My clients took a chance, they chose me because of my ability to deliver. They took my word for it that I will nail their project and for that, I will be forever grateful.